Disturbing Discovery at Burntisland Ancient Monument

The setting of 4,000 year old cup and ring marks has been damaged by a deliberate fire.

‘Discovered’ in 2003 and scheduled in 2004 the site is close to the Binn Pond but unsigned and largely unknown and generally unvisited.

After vandalism at St Bridget’s Kirk in Dalgety, Richard Aitken of Historic Environment Scotland said: “Mindless vandalism like this is not acceptable and very sad, given the long history and significance of the monument. Damage to an ancient monument is actually a criminal offence.”

Perhaps it’s time to recognise this ancient artwork as an attraction in the Burntisland area and hope that increased awareness of its existence, and importance, will discourage further damage.

It might be worth considering selective tree removal to create a clear view towards another ancient monument site.

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