New Manager at The Toll Community Centre

“Hi, I’m Yvonne Crombie, the new Community Development Manager at the Toll Community Centre, Burntisland. Would love to hear from locals re what you want at the centre.”

That was her first message on a new Twitter account.

Yvonne has lived in Burntisland for 14 years but only worked here for a few weeks.

In addition to the call for ideas on Twitter she has been contacting, and meeting, a wide range of people and groups across the town. She has also met people through that well known social icebreaker – taking her wee dog for walks.

She has two main aims – getting more people to use the Toll Community Centre (most people are likely to keep calling it by its original name – the Toll Centre) and getting local groups to work together more.

Yvonne has had wide experience of working in communities both at a strategic and grass roots level (public and third sector) and has a particular interest in Childrens’ Rights and issues around poverty.

She also has extensive experience in volunteering having been on the board of Gingerbread, Fife Law Centre, Families in Trauma, Rape Crisis Fife and International Play Association.

Yvonne is keen to find out what people see as problems, or things that may need improving, in Burntisland. She also wants to know what people would like to see happening at the centre.

01592 872854

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