Burntisland Station Carpark Update

Response from George Kay on Facebook –

“I am really disappointed to read in the Fife Free Press that after a feasibility study lasting five months by Fife Council transportation officials about parking in and around Burntisland station the only decision is not to make a decision . The cost for this study came from the ward budget and I understand cost £5000. A really disappointing conclusion for our money.

If this was a new study it would be bad enough but this lack of decision is on top of at least five years of similar work leading to similar inaction and disinterest. To spend this money and come back with nothing is clearly irresponsible.

This comes on top of a summer when the local newsletter highlighted the need for action on parking . A summer when the elected representatives had to intervene to stop the Links being used as a car park.

At a time when residents on the north of the station are looking for residents parking to be introduced to alleviate the conflict they have with station travellers.

At a time when those who once in the car make journeys which could be avoided by a local car park but are forced to find parking else where.

Inaction on this decision is probably the worst of all worlds because it simply side steps the problem. I can see a situation where this problem is simply going to be walked into the long grass . God knows there is sufficient long
grass around the station to hide it away for years.

I would urge our elected representatives to insist on value for their £5000 and get a meaningful conclusion”

Previous story (with link to report).

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