Burntisland Community Council Tonight 7:00

Poster on Community Council noticeboard


1. Chalrman’s opening remarks and apologies for absence:(AlexMacDonald)

2. Minutes of Previous Meeting (10″‘ August 2018):

Approved Minutes August 2018

3. Any Other Business (Item 10):

4. Secretary:
4.1 Report
4.2 Procedure for Inaugural meeting Friday 12″‘ October, 7.00pm
4.3 Proposed Letter to High Street Traders.

5. Treasurer:
5.1 Report

6. Police Business: Open

6.1 Report from Alex MacDonald

7. Environment: John Bruce
7.1. Report
7.2. Toilets on Links
7.3. Condition of Water Feature

8. Planning Applications: Tim Hailey

9. Burgh Buzz: Paul Briscoe

10. Any Other Business:


11. New Business:
11.1 Bus Shelter at Morrisons Cllr. Langlands

12. Awaiting Update:
12.1 Lammerlaws Project John Bruce
12.2 Burgh Chambers Project Alex MacDonald
12.3 Christmas Lights Carole-Anne Paterson
12.4 Cemetery Signage John Bruce
12.5 Links Parking etc. Andy Smith/Tim Hailey
12.6 Station Parking Andy/Tim/Cllr. Leslie
12.7 Condition of A929 Aberdour/Burntisland Cllr. Leslie

13. Date of Next Meeting: 7.00pm 12th October 2018

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