Cllr Leslie Responds to Transport Scotland Suggestion that Burntisland Station Doesn’t “fit the criteria for an upgrade”

As reported in today’s Courier

“Local Conservative councillor Kathleen Leslie has taken the issue straight to Holyrood after being told by Transport Scotland that Burntisland is not in line for a revamp.

“Last month I received a response from Transport Scotland stating that Burntisland did not appear to fit the criteria for an upgrade which would provide full access to all,” she said.

“Criteria such as footfall, areas with a high incidence of disability and particular local circumstances such as the proximity of hospitals were all listed as possible reasons.

“But I have now written back to Transport Scotland with a rebuttal on each of these points.”

The next meeting of the Burntisland Station Steering Group is on the 23rd of October.

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