‘Victorian Spaceship’ Lands in Burntisland (See the New Model at the Weekend)

Photo from Burntisland.Net

Imagine seeing this being built about 170 years ago.

Even today it would look impressive if it still existed.

Now at least you can see a fine model in Burntisland (for the first time) on Saturday and Sunday.

2 thoughts on “‘Victorian Spaceship’ Lands in Burntisland (See the New Model at the Weekend)

  1. Brilliant! Six of us (from 20s to 60s) enjoyed the model on Saturday afternoon. An authentic model of a real place and time, special in Scottish history, made the more special because we know the place and have memories through a generation and more. And authentic painted scenery. And real moving trains. And enthusiastic, welcoming folk to expand on it and share their knowledge with us. We were all enchanted. Thank you to all who made it possible. It’s worthy of a bigger and wider viewing public.


  2. Glad you all enjoyed our exhibition:it was a great pleasure for all the Group to bring the railway to It’s “home”, and we have been overwhelmed by the positive reception we have received during the week. Hopefully we will be back in less than 10 years next time!
    Ray Nolton


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