Burntisland Baywatch Set to Encourage Sea Swimming

There’s a new Facebook page with that slightly aspirational title, but participants are also know as Burntisland Open Water Swimmers.

Organiser Jo Hobbett says “Our meets are usually very spontaneous, just depends on work, weather, light and tides, the weather being the key unknown. Three of us went for a sunrise Monday morning swim yesterday at 25 minutes notice.

“As the light fades and the weather closes in it can be more of a challenge to catch a good tide at this time of year. The water has only cooled down a little so if you are an outdoor swimmer and would like to connect up with like minded souls, please get in touch.” (Email)

Jo is aware that the water will cool noticeably in the next few weeks so this may not be the best time to be encouraging people into the sea for the first time. “I can swim all year round but I am used to the temperature, though I will often don a wetsuit Dec-March. There is a real risk of cold shock for new swimmers as the water temp plummets to 5-6 degrees.”

She’s planning for next year. “Whether you want to improve your triathlon speeds or have a gentle bob about, there is room for everyone. In the late Spring we will be encouraging new swimmers to come and find out how lucky we are to have our very own beautiful, safe bay to swim in.”

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