Tourists Cruising to Burntisland?

On Tuesday Councillors on the Kirkcaldy Area Committee agreed a “contribution towards a wider study including market analysis and feasibility work examining the potential for shore side infrastructure development to support tourism growth”.

This was on the list of “Kirkcaldy Area Projects” in the committee papers with the heading of “Burntisland – Tourism Infrastructure Project”. Fife Council is contributing £25,000.

The only thing that’s clear is that Forth Ports is looking to bring some cruise ships – and passengers – to the town. Whether that would be via shorter tender trips than needed to get to Newhaven or creating a pier for docking is unknown.

Apart from the actual Bay, there is more deep water close to the shore than on the other side of the Forth.

It is common for cruise passengers to be whisked away from ports, but at least in Burntisland there things close by to visit for anyone interested in history or local walks (guided or unguided), also the Shows, Games Day etc.

Some might even take a train trip somewhere – a fully accessible station would help.

Might look something like this –


New pier off here?

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