Nominations invited for Burntisland’s Community Award – by Friday

The winner will be decided on Friday (in private) by community councillors after the monthly CC meeting and announced in the New Year.

Details from Alex MacDonald, Chairman of Royal Burgh of Burntisland Community Council

“The search is on for the person in Burntisland who has given most to the community and who will win the Community Award for 2019.

“Every year, Burntisland Community Council makes an award to someone whose service to the community has been outstanding. There are no restrictions on the type of service which can be recognised – all that matters is that the winner of the award is an example to others.

“Now in its 39th year, previous winners have come from many different walks of life. Some have given long and excellent service to different local organisations. Others have excelled in the face of disability. Still others have worked quietly in the background bringing comfort to people who are distressed by illness or family circumstances.

“Whatever the background, the key point is that winners of the Award are considered by the Community Council to be an example of how we should live our lives in support of the people around us.

“Nominations should be made to the Secretary of Burntisland Community Council, George McLauchlan, 4 Dick Crescent, Burntisland, KY3 0BS not later than Friday 14th December, or to any member of the Community Council.

“Nominations by e-mail can be sent to .The winner will be announced on Hogmanay and a formal presentation will be made early in the New Year.”

The February 2019 Burgh Buzz will have details of the winner. This year’s first BB highlighted the 2018 winner – Scott Sweaton of FAB. It also mentioned the winner from 20 years ago.


Click to access Feb18.pdf

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