Working for Change in Burntisland

In July 2016 Burntisland Community Council launched its Community Action Plan. One of the strands was energy, this led to a series of local meetings and the creation of the Burntisland energy masterplan.

The masterplan has now taken a significant step forward as a two year project with one full time and two part-time staff – all Burntisland residents.

In addition it will have a public office opening on Monday at 183 High Street.

The project is being run by Edinburgh based environmental charity Changeworks. This is one of four separate projects in Scotland looking at various aspects of energy use and taking different approaches to engaging with people in the four selected areas.

The projects are funded by the Scottish Government as part of initiatives relating to Climate Change. All are “pilots” but lessons learned will be used to develop energy use reduction and ‘behaviour change’ action across the country.

In Burntisland the emphasis will be on energy efficiency in households and businesses. Advice and help will be given on things like draught proofing and also switching energy suppliers. This could save people money but will also get them to think about energy use generally and consider the efficiency of boilers and other appliances. In addition, project workers can advise on the Warm Home Discount Scheme.

In use (one night only) during the Christmas Fair

Project Officer Jo Hobbett taking action to convert the premises from previous use as the mobile phone/vape shop.

5 thoughts on “Working for Change in Burntisland

  1. is this the same community council who had no objections to giving away common good land in the castle area in exchange for the owners of the castle to pay for repairs to the shipyard stairs ??? although these repairs have not been done – if they had someone from the castle area on their commitee this decision may have borne some weight ah but no so obviously they had no objection – apart from spending a lot of town money on ” feasability studies ” this group seems to be a waste of space – they are not fit for purpose ans should disband and have more tenants associans who really do some good for their area


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