Burntisland: No Trains Today AND Next Sunday – Who Knows?

Buses Today | Next Week

Helpful sign (provided by contractors)

Track renewal is necessary and desirable and best done on a Sunday when (usually) fewer people travel.

Not everyone checks the internet before travelling. Even in the days of smart phones, not everyone has one – or credit/data.

Person (with child in pushchair) intending to travel to Kirkcaldy

So it would be useful for information to be available at affected stations well in advance. Even more important, for anyone just turning up on the day.

People wanting to travel towards Edinburgh couldn’t even get on to Platform 1 today (top photo).

The sign on Platform 2 had the most basic of information –

Perhaps by next Sunday there will be prominent information boards at the entrances to affected station with explanations, bus timetables AND where the buses will stop. It may seem obvious to ScotRail that it will be in the car park area at the front of the old station building. Not everyone knows the station, and those who do know that the weekday B1 service doesn’t stop by the station.

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