Burntisland Shows off to a Dismal Start

After a mostly warm week with sunny days and not much rain, yesterday was a disappointment – overcast with several hours of drizzle. Today has started windy and damp. The forecast is for no rain this afternoon.

The first set of Shows (most will stay the whole summer) are open for business. More rides will appear before Games Day.

Wagons rolled on Sunday evening with setups starting on Monday

Outdoor events are always affected by the weather. Anything that lasts for three months will have good days and bad days – good years and bad years too!

People do check the weather before visiting places, but one large group has already fixed the date and will be returning for the second year running – by chartered train.

Burntisland’s outdoors is attractive – the Beach, the Binn and in-between, but could always be better. More people putting things in bins, bins emptied before they overflow.

Less harsh grass cutting regimes especially at The Links, which was more brown than green last year, would be a good idea. Cut when and where it’s required, not according to a pre-set calendar with blades so low they scalp the edges of the undulations.

Burntisland is a place to stay and a place to visit. Facilities, attractions and events should be for residents and visitors. Perhaps there needs to be more public discussion about the best ways of achieving this. Maybe more places to shelter and more activities indoors and more publicity about the things that already exist.

4 thoughts on “Burntisland Shows off to a Dismal Start

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