Burntisland Heritage: Last Few Days of Mary Somerville Exhibition

Exhibition: “Reach for the Stars”
(Mary Somerville)
2019 – 15, 20, 21, 22 June only

Burntisland Heritage Civic Week

Exhibition: “Reach for the Stars: The Life and Times of Mary Somerville”. Mary Somerville was the queen of 19th century science and her permanent childhood home was in Burntisland.
Please note that this exhibition runs for only four days, during Burntisland Civic Week. Opening days and times are: Saturday 15th June, Thursday 20th June, Friday 21st June, and Saturday 22nd June; on all days from 11.00am to 4.00pm. Admission is free.
In addition to seeing the exhibition, you can browse a large collection of scrapbooks and other material, and view a selection of DVDs.
The venue is Burntisland Heritage Trust, 4 Kirkgate, Burntisland; telephone number 01592 872121.”



We had 150 visitors to the Mary Somerville exhibition last week which is very good considering the length of time we were open.

Ian Archibald

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