Burntisland: FABulous Open Gardens Afternoon

Today was the first ever FAB Open Garden Afternoon.

This year only three private gardens plus those at the sheltered housing complex Allan Court and the Broomhill Community Garden Kids Club took part. There should be a few more next year. (Another two garden owners have already said they want to be open next year.)

You don’t need to have the most ‘beautiful’ gardens, just one that shows the care and flair of your gardening activities. Or perhaps careful neglect and the wildlife this might attract!

The rain (mostly) kept off and all the gardens had a steady stream of enchanted visitors – many visited all five.

In one garden there was the unexpected, skilful, (and slow), removal of ticks from a hedgehog.

It’s hoped that this won’t be an ‘attraction’ next year.

1 thought on “Burntisland: FABulous Open Gardens Afternoon

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