REMEMBER – Burntisland Bonfire and Fireworks Early Warning – REMEMBER

Yesterday’s on-site planning meeting to calculate cone requirements (and much more)

Yes it’s coming round again.

As usual, it’s on the 5th (of November of course!) this year it’s TUESDAY.

Burntisland’s Bonfire night (on The Links) is one of the highlights of the Town’s year.

Thousands turn up, too many come by car and find it hard to get parked and lose patience with the time it takes to leave again.

This year there is a fireworks display in Kirkcaldy at the same time, so perhaps fewer people will come to Burntisland.

Because of traffic issues in previous years, Burntisland’s Events Group (the volunteers who organise Bonfire Night) is applying for a TTRO – which was the primary reason for the meeting involving Fife Council, the Police and Events Group.

The result will be that the Police will have the power and (with the help of parking attendants) the ability to enforce normal and special parking restrictions. (There may even be tow-away zones.)

If you have to come by car, REMEMBER the Links car park will have some Shows on part of the tarmac and will be primarily for blue badge holders.

The usual Tuesday Mass at St. Joseph’s has been cancelled, so there will be car parking there (as in previous years).

The Sands and Kingswood have parking for patrons.

Make a night of it, come early. Various places to eat and drink – some will be open later than normal Tuesdays (more info nearer the night.)

It’s hoped that several ScotRail trains will make an additional stop at Burntisland – like last year. Also it is expected that with this year’s enhanced traffic control the buses will be able to run closer to time.

Much work has already been going on behind the scenes, but extra volunteers are always needed on the day to help build the bonfire and collect donations (plus various other useful tasks).

REMEMBER: This, is a fun family event. It’s FREE, but although Fife Council gives a grant, it doesn’t cover all the costs. Please give generously.

REMEMBER: no guarantee for a warm, windless evening, or a week without rain so the Links could be damp/soggy. So, dress sensibly with wise footwear.

REMEMBER: Leave the car at home or offer lifts to other thinking of driving. Come early and/or leave late to avoid too much waiting in a traffic jam. The Shows continue after the Fireworks as do various pubs and takeaways.

REMEMBER drinking alcohol in the streets and on the Links is illegal.

REMEMBER to tell your friends – txt, phn, FB, Twitter, letter etc.

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