Burntisland: Toll Community Centre Appeals for Tools, Seeds and Bicycles

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New for 2020 at the Toll is a planting project.

This will encourage people to take an interest in growing things. This could be garden flowers from seed or a tomato plant thriving in a sunny window, perhaps a bonsai tree.

A packet of seeds is very cheap – a pound or so for hundreds or even thousands. Many people have open packets that they will never use all of the contents.

Others have tools they no longer use. The Toll hopes to receive unwanted items (almost anything except lawnmowers) and make them available to others.

The Toll has begun planting around the Community Centre. The start of a beech hedge, crocuses that are beginning to poke through and a few young trees.

More to come.

The bikes are for the existing TCC bike project where volunteers make donated bikes ready for new owners.

Several people have come for bike for a child or grandchild, and left with one for themselves too!





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