Burntisland: New Development Proposals on Ged’s Mill Site

A planning application has been submitted for the “Erection of 21 dwelling houses and 16 flatted dwellings”.

There are currently 25 documents associated with this. The latest is from Scottish Water. This states that there is currently enough water capacity but less clear about sewage capacity for this development.

Scottish Water has no objection to this planning application; however, the applicant should be aware that this does not confirm that the proposed development can currently be serviced and would advise the following:


There is currently sufficient capacity in the GLENDEVON Water Treatment Works. However, please note that further investigations may be required to be carried out once a formal application has been submitted to us.


This proposed development will be serviced by BURNTISLAND Waste Water Treatment Works. Unfortunately, Scottish Water is unable to confirm capacity at this time so to allow us to fully appraise the proposals we suggest that the applicant completes a Pre-Development Enquiry (PDE) Form and submits it directly to Scottish Water. The applicant can download a copy of our PDE Application Form, and other useful guides, from Scottish Water’s website at the following

The applicant should be aware that we are unable to reserve capacity at our water and/or waste water treatment works for their proposed development. Once a formal connection application is submitted to Scottish Water after full planning permission has been granted, we will review the availability of capacity at that time and advise the applicant accordingly.

So this may be refused or extra capacity might need to be installed in Burntisland which should solve the perpetual flooding problems on Haugh Road and the greenspace and playpark at Kirkton Road.

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