Burntisland: Future of the Burgh Chambers – Your Chance to be Involved


Many people in Burntisland think that the most important thing for the Town is the return of the clock tower.

It seems likely that this can only happen as part of a major overhaul of the whole building.

The Community Council has been looking at the options for some time and various reports have been written.

Tomorrow and Sunday people can see some of the information and talk to key people involved in the project for upgrading and securing a good future for this very important building.

If the building is to become a community asset, a new, independent, trust has to be formed.

The legislation that allows a transfer of this, and similar assets, from Fife Council requires that any trust taking on the responsibility needs twenty trustees.

Would YOU like to be one of them?

1 thought on “Burntisland: Future of the Burgh Chambers – Your Chance to be Involved

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