Burntisland to Kinghorn Road Resurfacing Begins

The work is due to take three weeks and cause some disruption.

Access to Burntisland Golf House Club has been maintained (and signed).

There is no public access to Whinnieknowe, but they are still doing deliveries –

A start has already been made to remove the top layer ready for later resurfacing.

The road may even become slightly wider as the creeping grass at the road edge has been scraped away in places.

It remains to be seen whether a renewed surface will encourage more drivers to exceed the 40mph speed limit and also fail to slow down to 30mph before entering Burntisland.

In spite of being willing to spend a considerable amount of money on this road renewal, Fife Council hasn’t taken the opportunity to add traffic calming as seen on the approaches to Kinghorn.

In addition to the entrance to the golf club there is the path to The Binn on this section of road.

Already some teachers at Burntisland Primary School are unwilling to cross the road here with groups of young children to visit the woodland which is currently full of snowdrops.

The speed limit could also be lowered to 30mph. Although most 30mph roads have streetlights, these are not essential.

This is the road between Dunfermline and Rosyth.

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