Burntisland and Coronavirus


Coronavirus consequences – Food Bank users waiting in the street, in the cold, yesterday.

As overheard in the Coop last week “the Beast from the East brought Burntisland together”.

That neighbourly helpfulness will be beneficial in the coming weeks, but there are two main differences –

The snow was always going to go away in a week or so. It was reasonable obvious if people were housebound and needing some help.

This time, the end will be weeks or months away. It won’t be as clear if people need any extra help.

Schools all shut on Friday and may not go back for the summer term.

Fife Council has run lunch clubs in recent holidays, but fear of gatherings and passing on infections now means nothing is certain or easy.

Basic advice remains wash your hands if you’ve touched things that could be infected. Stay in if you have symptoms – generally (but not always) fever and coughing (new and persistent) – if so “self isolate” (stay at home) for 7 days. And now, a new phrase – social distancing.

People working from home should take regular screen breaks – get up, walk about etc.

Some shops are thinking about delivery services for people who can’t get out. (Details likely next week.)

The Community Council’s Emergency Plan subgroup meets tomorrow to discuss some of the many issues facing the town and how to best organise ways of dealing with expected problems.

It’s not clear if the CC will hold public meetings in the next few months.

The Sailing Club’s crane-in has been delayed provisionally until 25th April.


Poster in Coop


Courier: Coronavirus: Fife libraries, museums and theatres close


Library shut (no note to explain)

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