Burntisland School Offers More Places

Thursday 26th March 2020 09:40

“Dear Parents/Carers,

“Following further guidance from Fife Council Education and Children’s services, we are now extending the offer of placements at Fife council Activity centres to those parents\carers who fall into category 2 as outlined below.

“Category 2 – All other Health and Care workers, and wider public sector workers providing emergency/critical welfare services (e.g. Fire, Police, Prisons, Social Workers, etc.), as well as those supporting our Critical National Infrastructure, without whom serious damage to the welfare of the people of Scotland could be caused.

“Please note that places are only offered to children where both parents fall into the category 1/2 or single parents who also fall into this category and if no other alternative childcare is available.

“Those who have already submitted an application which falls into this category will be contacted. There may also be some parents\carers who have been redeployed and now fall into these categories who may wish to apply.

“All applicants will be contacted to advise whether or not their child\children have a place.”

Kind Regards,
Julie Anderson




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