Burntisland: New Burgh Buzz Out – PDF ONLY


The May 2020 edition is not going to be available in print.

In these extraordinary times the editorial team decided that it wouldn’t be fair to expect the team of volunteer delivery people to visit all the doorsteps in Burntisland.

The way things are, it’s too early to predict whether the next issue will appear in print.

Burntisland’s summer 2020 will be very different – no Games Day, no Civic Week, no Shows etc.

Many groups and businesses are unable to carry on ‘as normal’. It’s hoped the next issue can be full of news of planned (and actual) resumption of many of the activities that (normally) keep Burntisland busy.

Meanwhile, stay safe, enjoy the weather (even the rain when it decides to resume!). If you’re not completely ’locked in’ why not explore bits of Burntisland you’ve never been to.

It’s not a big town, but have you visited every street? In streets you know well, do you stop to look around? Consider the buildings, watch how gardens grows, listen to the birds – easier now with less traffic.

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