Burntisland Community Council Today (2nd Friday of Month)

7.00 p.m. Burgh Chambers.

Members of the public are warmly welcomed.
“Burntisland Community Council was founded in 1975 at the start of Local Government reform. It has been serving the community ever since.
BCC can have up to fifteen members who are elected every four years. At present, due to the success of two of our members at recent Fife Council elections, our strength is down to ten.

Meetings are held on the second Friday of each month excluding July. Our present members are:-

Alex MacDonald (Chairman), Bruce Stuart (Vice-Chairman), George McLauchlan (Treasurer & Interim Secretary), John Bruce (Environment), Tim Hailey (Planning), Lesley-Anne Cronin, Carol-Anne Crossan, Christine Dewar,Andy Smith, Phillip Atkinson.

The meetings are also attended by local elected Fife County Councillors, the editor or deputy editor of the Burgh Buzz and on occasions a local Police representative.

Members of the public are warmly welcomed.

If you are interested in becoming a Community Councillor please visit our contact page.”



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