Willi Henderson Receives Burntisland Community Award 2019

Tonight’s ceremony was conducted by Community Council Chair Alex MacDonald who outlined the history.

A Burntisland institution since 1981 – first suggested by Tom Courts (senior). Every December the community councillors discuss names suggested by Burntisland residents.

This time a long list made the choice difficult. There are no rules, the person who is agreed on has to have contributed to the town and as Alex put it – “make Burntisland a nicer place to live and play in”.

Alex told the packed room that Willi is “a gentle woman in every sense of word”, adding that she is kind and the first person to say ‘I’ll help with that’.

Every Award winner has received an individual and handcrafted certificate. For 37 years only two people have produced them all. Now the work has been taken over by a Kinghorn couple – Rose and Andrew Bentley-Steed

One special feature of Willi’s certificate is the orchid, chosen because the variety is Ishbel – Willi’s first name!

Flowers presented by Carole-Anne Paterson.

She also received a special enamel badge – which can only worn by winners and (for the next year) a shield with the names of recent recipients.

The first shield is on the wall of the Burgh Chambers.

Burgh Buzz editor Bill Kirkhope gave Willi a framed photograph portrait which is on the cover of the current issue.

Willi has been part of the Heritage Centre team for “23 and a bit years” and has welcomed many visitors to the Centre’s exhibitions.

In addition to the awards, Willi will be responsible for representing Burntisland at various events and judging some Civic Week competitions.

After the ceremony, a party.

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