ScotRail Timetable Changes from Tomorrow (MOSTLY Minor)

The biannual changes start tomorrow, with some departures from Burntisland changing by a minute.

For travellers to Edinburgh on weekdays the first three trains leave at the same time as they have since the last timetable change in December.

The 07:37 is due to leave a minute earlier (so is the 07:21 to Glasgow).

BUT there is no longer an 08:34.

The first train after the 08:05 is 08:52.

Some other trains through the day have changed by several minutes.

Coming back the last-off peak train is 16:38 (instead of 16:43).

Click to access 20087_edinburgh-fife.pdf

1 thought on “ScotRail Timetable Changes from Tomorrow (MOSTLY Minor)

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