Vandalism on the Lammerlaws

This pillbox has managed to survived for nearly 80 years and remain free of graffiti.

It was built to protect the harbour from German aircraft visiting the Forth.

It’s been climbed over, picnicked on, jumped off and hung out on by many local people.

The spraypainter probably thought this concrete monolith needed brightening up – or perhaps people visiting this tranquil corner of Burntisland need reminding which country they are in!

People visit the peninsula for many reasons – dog walking, boat watching, bird watching, fish catching – even the chance of seeing whales (January and February).

Unfortunately a tiny number of people prefer a bit of destruction. A few discard cans and bottles (a small minority of dog owners think it’s ok to clean up after their dogs and then throw the bag into the bushes.)

The Community Councillor with responsibility for environmental issues, John Bruce, said “I most certainly condemn vandalism within the Town and especially in this area where people should be able to visit in peace and quiet to look at the beautiful view over the Forth”.

The Lammerlaws isn’t just a nice place to be, it’s also an SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest), partly because of the fragile soils and plant life.

It’s no place for barbecues, campfires or graffiti.

The Community Council has a plan to improve access for people with mobility difficulties. Grander plans to create an ‘attraction’ have been scaled back after a consultation exercise raised concerns about too many people having an adverse effect.

It’s a fine balance. In the past, the number of people visiting wore away the path surfaces, but too few visitors leads to a sense of neglect.

It’s presumed that this building is owned by Fife Council and that they will be quick to remove the paint. Nearby is an even older structure – the lime kiln – which also needs some careful conservation.

Update –

Fife Council couldn’t get a powerwasher close, so just painted over the graffiti, in white.

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