Burntisland: Small Improvements Planned for The Lammerlaws

New plan to clear a small area and install a bench with a view.

Transformation of Lammerlaws to improve accessibility and provide information on historical and natural heritage as proposed by The Royal Burgh of Burntisland Community Council.

Last year Hurd Roland drew up plans for the Community Council which then held public consultations at The Beacon and Library and via an online survey.

At the recent Community Council meeting John Bruce provided an update.

Extract –

“Due to some concern within the community with reference to safety we have decided to scale back our plans to have three pathways within the area.

We are now considering just to concentrate improving the main entrance pathway to make it more accessible for wheelchairs taking it a short distance in to allow anyone to be able to look at the view over the Forth, also a possibility in placing a bench in this area with an interpretation board explaining the history of this area especially the old lime kiln and vitriol works which dates back to the 1700s.

We would also consider clearing the pathway which leads down towards the breakwater to enable wheelchair access this would allow people to go down as far as the breakwater it would also be our intention to ensure that no aggressive cut back of shrubbery be carried out as we intend to protect the wildlife environment in this area.

The work on clearing the main entrances could be carried out by hopefully payback team and some volunteers at minimal cost.”

Likely place for bench, a small area of slabs would be added for wheelchair users.

This part of The Lammerlaws is within the SSSI so landowner Fife Council will need permission from SNH.

The pathway into the area is not part of the SSSI and has been widened and the banks improved by local residents. (On the right is the path to the breakwater. Several circular walking routes are possible and also access to Burntisland Station along the dock road past Scott Pallets.)

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