Extra Buses for Burntisland Bonfire Night

This year on Burntisland’s Bonfire and Fireworks night (Tuesday 5th) Stagecoach will be running extra buses on the 7 route between Kirkcaldy and Dunfermline.

“Duplicate buses operating to Dunfermline will start from Burntisland Porte / High Street and operating the same time and route* as our normal number 7 service bus.

“Duplicate buses operating to Kirkcaldy will start from High Street / Burntisland Porte operating at the same time and route* as our normal number 7 service bus.

“* Subject to alteration as traffic conditions dictate.“

Stagecoach is willing to do this because the organisers (Burntisland Events Group) have have arranged for a TTRO (Temporary Traffic Regulation Order) to allow the Police to enforce restrictions and direct traffic.

BUT the TTRO also means there will be more roads coned off in central Burntisland from mid afternoon.

If you live in Burntisland, join the others who have walked to The Links in previous years. Blue Badge holders will get priority in The Links carpark.

If you live elsewhere, the bus will probably get you in and out quicker than walking to wherever you’ve managed to park your car (and then joining the queues with all the other cars).

ScotRail is due to stop several trains that normally pass Burntisland non-stop.

Last year Stagecoach reported that there were “very heated” remarks from intending bus passengers aimed at on-site supervisory staff. Clearly this is not acceptable behaviour. Even with the TTRO in place and extra buses supplied, it’s likely there will be disruption and delays.

Pubs and hotels will be open and some cafes are opening late. There’s also the fun fair.

Enjoy the evening and don’t be a lemming.

There is also a firework display in Kirkcaldy.

Extra trains too

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