Burntisland: New House Planned for the High Street

There’s a planning application for 215, but it’s really for the land at the back accessed from East Brooomhill.

It’s on the site of a hall destroyed by fire 5 years ago after being derelict for 25 years.


In 2012 the Community Council had already minuted that the “building is in a poor state of repair and needed to be demolished. However, the building is ‘landlocked’ as there are buildings on each side of it which makes demolition difficult. Fife Council were currently in negotiations with the owner of the garage to demolish both the garage and 215 High Street.”

This Common Good land was advertised for sale in January 2019.

It was sold in April.

Although the property is held on the Burntisland Common Good Account, the Sheriff’s consent to the disposal is considered not to be required because of the history of leasing and the public not exercising any rights over the property.

Architect’s plan for new house in planning application.

Burntisland’s High Street has a surprising amount of empty shops, houses and neglected spaces on and around it.

As is normal in a small town there are rumours. One of these may not be true and many may not happen.

Another chemist, a new cafe, beauty parlour, gin bar, carpark, plumbers, flats, ambulance base, craft fair, office space for small businesses, new home for 1883, charity shop, HQ for a voluntary organisation, smokehouse, distillery, farmers’ market, holiday accommodation, clock tower.

The High Street, the centre of “Fife’s Favourite Conservation Area“, is living in interesting times.

BURNTISLAND Conservation Area Appraisal and Management Plan

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