Burntisland: More High Street Houses Planned

Another planning application has been lodged with Fife Council for new dwellings behind the High Street.

Recently there was an application for a single house behind 215. There is also a planning application for the “Erection of four dwellinghouses and associated infrastructure” on the land at the rear of 207 High Street.

This is in the grounds of the former Royal Bank Of Scotland building which was granted planning permission for change of use “from bank (Class 2) to form 4 flatted dwellings (sui generis) with associated external alterations including the erection of rear extension“ more than a year ago.

Some work has been done in recent weeks.

This development was mentioned at last week’s Community Council meeting with a view that it was “a pity” that the developers didn’t do the main building first before applying for permission to build new houses behind.

High Street houses and attached land are in the Conservation Area.

This includes East Broomhill Road and therefore the walls behind the High Street and its lands.

The developers have demolished a section of wall ahead of receiving planning consent.

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