Forth Ports Plans to Exclude Public from Burntisland Docks

Since October 2018 Forth Ports has stopped pedestrian access from the Station towards Lammerlaws Road while the timber boat for Scott Pallets is unloaded (a few days every 6 weeks or so).

Now there is a plan to fence off the majority of the dock area, possibly, within the next few weeks.

As a statutory undertaker Forth Ports is able to do many things without planning permission “for the purposes of shipping; or in connection with the embarking, disembarking, loading, discharging or transport of passengers, livestock or goods”.

It’s not clear if Forth Ports can unilaterally exclude people from the breakwater.

Enclosing the bulk of the docks area might disadvantage the Sailing Club, (certainly make it difficult to use the recently installed pontoons – which aren’t just for the Club and its members), deprive Stagecoach’s B1 town bus of a turning circle and prevent access for people who think they have rights under Burntisland’s Royal Charter.

The plans are on the Community Council’s agenda on Friday (7:00 Burgh Chambers).

1 thought on “Forth Ports Plans to Exclude Public from Burntisland Docks

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