Forth Ports Restricts Dock Access


A boat arrives from Riga roughly every six weeks to deliver timber for Scott’s to turn into pallets.

Until this week a system has been in place to allow pedestrians through from the Beacon area to the Station.


Although the fencing is there, as before, leaving a narrow path, extra security staff have been employed to stop people passing near the unloading between 7 in the morning and 7 at night.

The Courier

There is some local concern that this temporary closure could lead to more measures to restrict access to the Docks and breakwater.

It does highlight the need for a proper path between the Station and the Beacon and Beach.

This would tie-in with the Fife Local Development Plan –

“Green Network Priorities for this site are:

* Improve access and public realm as part of any development proposals in
the harbour area.

* Incorporate green infrastructure providing habitat, SUDS and contributing to the landscape setting, including in areas where public access is impracticable or inappropriate due to the nature of site use.”

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It also matches with the aims of the Energy Masterplan which is just about to start a new phase.

“Working with the project team, the community mapped these barriers and opportunities to increase active travel from housing developments, school, play areas in the links, the beach, the main shopping area, medical facilities, the train station, main bus stops and the popular coastal path.”

“Measurable objectives for the transport element of the project were to expand and develop safe active travel pathways “


From Local Energy Masterplan

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