BEAT Goes Live (Burntisland Emergency Action Team)


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After several days of frantic ‘behind the scenes’ activity, the outline of a plan has come together to try to look after people requiring help at this extraordinarily difficult time.

Yvonne Crombie, Centre Manager of the Toll Community Centre, says –

“We have activated the Community Council’s Community Emergency Plan with Fife Council’s Emergency Resilience Team. This will provide insurance for our volunteers. I have informed Fife Voluntary Action who are running a similar scheme with Fife Council and have agreed to keep them updated. And also been working closely with Kinghorn Community Council and learning from each other.

“Tonight we will be putting on our Facebook Page our volunteer form for people to complete. Tomorrow we will be posting the form for people who may need help.

“Our dedicated mobile phone is now live – we are using the Toll Community Centre’s number, as this is a trusted and well known number. The number is 01592 872854. When you get through, it will tell you to press one for BEAT And it will be directed to the phone. This will be answered by a BEAT person. If it’s busy, or overnight, please leave a message which will be dealt with as soon as possible.

“We are hopeful that in the first instance we will recruit enough volunteers to leaflet every home in Burntisland with our forms requesting help!

“The safety of our volunteers is paramount and we have a risk assessment and protocol in place. We will issue a password to the person in need and to the volunteer for added security. There is still lots of work to be done and a lot of uncertainty.

“We are also considering starting a ‘Go Fund ‘ page to raise money to help buy supplies for people in need.“

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