Burntisland’s Over 70s Being Looked After

One of Burntisland’s oldest ‘institutions’ is looking after the town’s oldest people. Burntisland Over 70s committee has been organising a Christmas “treat” for over 100 years. These days it’s a lunch, entertainment and a bag to take home.

Now, the Over 70s committee has already started shopping for and delivering to people over 70s. The Over 70s is trusted in the town and is known to the people they are aiming to deliver to.

Committee member Morag Douglas is owner of one of Burntisland’s oldest buildings, the Star Tavern, and says “we are taking calls on the Star number 01592 871313 between 10 and 12 in the morning and then shopping and delivering in the afternoon.

“We have advertised on Facebook and have something going in the Fife Free Press on Thursday. We also have quite a few volunteers lined up for when demand increases and are setting up a card payment facility.”

She is working with BEAT to “coordinate and not overlap”.


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