Burntisland Food Shop News

NOTE This was posted 3 days ago on https://www.facebook.com/uSaveBurntisland things may have changed…

Burntisland’s various food retailers are doing a fabulous job of staying open and doing their best to get supplies and also adapting to the latest guidance on staying safe.

This is important for shoppers and ESPECIALLY staff.

You may only visit shops for a few minutes, but staff are present for HOURS.

If you have symptoms DON’T GO OUT.

Shops are restricting the number of people in at one time, RESPECT THIS – even if YOU think this is INCONVENIENT, you are NOT special.

When queuing outside maintain the recommended TWO METRES apart.

If you don’t already, make a list to reduce the chances of needing to go back to a shop because you have forgotten something.

Use contactless rather than cash if you can.

Can you get offer to get messages for a neighbour?



https://finder.coop.co.uk/food/Burntisland (now shutting at 8)






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