Ian Archibald Talks about Mary Somerville Thursday 17th

Ian, best known for his work at Burntisland’s Heritage Trust, will be talking about Mary Somerville the town’s most famous and influential resident.

Young Mary grew up in the seaport town of Burntisland in Scotland, where she was allowed to run wild for the first 10 years of her life.” (James Secord)

First Shipment of the Year for the Pallet Factory

Just before the sun set MEKHANIK KRASKOVSKIY (anglicised version) drifted backwards into its berth for the next few days bringing timber from across the North Sea.

This happens roughly every six weeks (not always the same ship).

When the ships are being unloaded there is no access between the Station and the Beacon via the docks. Pedestrian access is no longer maintained by Forth Ports.

Free Church Site Planning Application Refused

As previously detailed on B.B, the plan to convert this historic site into a private garden and car parking space is controversial and the planning application and listed building consent attracted quite a few objections.

A comprehensive report was prepared by Fife Council officials. This listed the reasons that the application should be refused, including “Impact upon the Setting of a Conservation Area”.

Yesterday councillors on the Central Area Planning Committee voted to go along with the officers’ recommendation by a margin of 9-4.

Local councillor Gordon Langlands (as reported by Emma O’Neill for Kingdom FM) said: “There is a Burntisland heritage trail that passes by – but the society don’t mention it. There are 10 sites of interest and this isn’t one of them. It was a warehouse, then a church, then a cinema, a gym and finally a paint store. It was a church for just 17 years. No one tends to it, there is no maintenance.”

He moved that planning permission be granted, saying: “I believe there is merit and this won’t detract from the historical importance of the site. It will protect the long term maintenance and stability of it.

The applicant now has 3 months to appeal. Perhaps local groups such as the Heritage Trust, Community Council, Parish Church and FAB can work together, along with the site owner (Fife Council) to produce a plan to highlight, promote and enhance this area.

An interpretation panel with information on Burntisland’s religious and church history could be a valuable addition.


Burntisland: Toll Community Centre – New Year New Heating New Projects

A much needed new boiler (more efficient and cheaper to run) has been fitted over the holidays.

New radiators have also been added, but the new piping and removal of old radiators left a fine residue throughout the building.

Fortunately a team of volunteers (a few of them above) spent the day cleaning – in time for reopening tomorrow.

Tomorrow is the first day of the Toll’s new bike project – several people have already promised their unwanted bikes.

In the evening there is the first of 4 cycling fitness sessions.


Burntisland Highland Games Date for 2019

The 367th Burntisland Highland Games will take place on Monday 15th July 2019 from 11:00.

A great day out for locals, participants and visitors – from all over the world. (Some Photos from 2018)

One of Burntisland’s busiest days every year. Nearby parking fills up early. The main overflow parking is a mile away.

ScotRail might stop extra trains like they did for last year’s Bonfire and Fireworks Night.