Burntisland Community Development Trust Revitalised

One of the successful events organised by the BCDT

Almost 20 people turned up last night to consider the future of the CDT.

Three directors left the Trust last year and the four remaining appealed for new people to join the board.

By the end of the meeting five more had agreed to join. (Another signed up later.)

The BCDT was formed in 2016 after a recommendation in Burntisland’s Community Action Plan.

The CAP process was initiated by the Community Council and involved an extensive consultation with public meetings and surveys.

Several hundred people gave their views and these were converted into an attractive, readable and inspiring 20 page report.

The BCDT has been working away in the background including involvement with the Burntisland Community Energy Masterplan which is now being taken forward in part by Change Works.

The BCDT is a legal entity with all the necessary “governance” systems in place to help other groups (existing or new). That (and the work that has gone into creating it) is why the Trust want to continue – with extra members.

Now the focus is to bring broader economic, social and environmental benefits to the town.

A wide ranging discussion brought up all sorts of possibilities including improving the environmental value of the links and beach, possibly working towards a ‘plastic free Burntisland’ with ideas for involving local businesses more – particularly in the High Street.

The BCDT is well placed to do this as it has already organised two Christmas Markets which have been enthusiastically embraced by many of the shops. In future there might be similar events at other times of the year.

Other ideas mentioned by those present included helping the newly formed coastal rowing club, becoming a “dementia friendly town”, community shed, cinema club, photographic project recreating an earlier version with traders outside their shops, nutrition and food events and social dancing.

Now the plan is for the new Trust group to confirm their priorities and form various subgroups to take these forward – there are opportunities for more people to get involved.

Trust director Jo Hobbett concluded by saying “this has been a fantastic meeting, we have agreed on some key projects to focus on and agreed on the support that the Trust can offer sub groups driving these forward.

“We have good reason to feel a lot more positive now and particularly look forward to welcoming our new board members”.

Anyone wishing to join the Trust as an ordinary member or get more involved should email bcdt2016@gmail.com.


Willi Henderson Receives Burntisland Community Award 2019

Tonight’s ceremony was conducted by Community Council Chair Alex MacDonald who outlined the history.

A Burntisland institution since 1981 – first suggested by Tom Courts (senior). Every December the community councillors discuss names suggested by Burntisland residents.

This time a long list made the choice difficult. There are no rules, the person who is agreed on has to have contributed to the town and as Alex put it – “make Burntisland a nicer place to live and play in”.

Alex told the packed room that Willi is “a gentle woman in every sense of word”, adding that she is kind and the first person to say ‘I’ll help with that’.

Every Award winner has received an individual and handcrafted certificate. For 37 years only two people have produced them all. Now the work has been taken over by a Kinghorn couple – Rose and Andrew Bentley-Steed

One special feature of Willi’s certificate is the orchid, chosen because the variety is Ishbel – Willi’s first name!

Flowers presented by Carole-Anne Paterson.

She also received a special enamel badge – which can only worn by winners and (for the next year) a shield with the names of recent recipients.

The first shield is on the wall of the Burgh Chambers.

Burgh Buzz editor Bill Kirkhope gave Willi a framed photograph portrait which is on the cover of the current issue.

Willi has been part of the Heritage Centre team for “23 and a bit years” and has welcomed many visitors to the Centre’s exhibitions.

In addition to the awards, Willi will be responsible for representing Burntisland at various events and judging some Civic Week competitions.

After the ceremony, a party.

First Co-op ‘Good Cause’ Looking for Your Vote – Burntisland Youth Theatre

“One of our causes, “Burntisland Youth Theatre” will be in both co-op stores tomorrow 23/2 to promote their group. If you have any questions or just want to say hello, pop into the high st store 10am-12pm or the Dollar rd store 1pm-2pm. I will also be there to answer any questions or queries on membership.Looking forward to seeing you”

Carole-Anne Paterson

Read more on Facebook.

Co-op members (it’s easy to join) can choose from one of the three good causes. One penny in every pound spent on Co-op brand goods goes to the chosen local organisation.

Councillor Calls for “Clarity” on Burntisland Station Access Funding Process

Kathleen Lesley, one of Burntisland’s three councillors on Fife Council, is still trying to get transparency about the process for applying for, and getting, money to improve access to the station (not just for ‘disabled’ people).

This campaign has been going on for many years, and will continue until it is successful.

The campaign group will be meeting soon to decide on its next moves.

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MP Organises Public Meeting with ScotRail Boss

“The event, organised by Lesley Laird MP, will take place at 7pm on Thursday, February 28 at Kirkcaldy Town House.

Lesley said: “Fife commuters are sick fed up of delayed, cancelled or overcrowded services on the Fife Circle and East Coast lines and that’s why I’ve organised this meeting.

Members of the public are invited to submit questions and register their attendance in advance by emailing lesley.laird.mp@parliament.uk



Echoes fae Fife reaches Kirkcaldy

“Echoes fae Fife has been specially created in collaboration with astronomers and physicists from the University of St Andrews’ SHINE project, Kirkcaldy Orchestral Society, and Viewforth High and Aberdour Primary Schools. The Scottish “Superwomen” featured include Burntisland’s own “Queen of the sciences” Mary Somerville and Largo’s intrepid ornithologists Evelyn Baxter and Leonora Rintoul.“



1824 Wood’s Map of Burntisland Added to NLS Georeferenced List

This important map of Burntisland before the railway came is now on the National Library site and can be laid on top of modern satellite images (and other maps).

Using the “Change transparency of overlay” slider in the search panel it’s easy to compare what used to be with now.

The map is highly detailed but some of the orientation – notably the Lamber Laws peninsula (now known as the Lammerlaws) – is inaccurate.