Campaign for Residents’ Parking Scheme Convinces Councillors

The request by Central Burntisland Tenants and Residents Association for parking restrictions near the station (Kirkgate, Sommerville Square and West Leven Street) has been agreed to by the Kirkcaldy Area Committee.

This is in spite of the recommendation by officials that “it is considered that a residents parking scheme on these streets is not justified at this time”.

A TRO process (Traffic Regulation Order) will have to be undertaken. It is unknown when this will start or how long it will take.

Full details of submission and official response in committee papers.

Burntisland Common Good Fund Annual Report 2017-18

Many people are probably unware of the Burntisland Common Good Fund or at least unsure of some of the details.

The Common Good assets are buildings, land, investments and objects that were (generally) given to Burntisland and its people over many years and managed by the Town Council until it was abolished in 1975. The assets are now looked after by Fife Council and revenue usually dispersed by grants with the involvement of the Community Council.

This is not alway straightforward –

“Neither were members happy with the fact that Fife Council had approved a grant of £3,500 from Burntisland Common Good Fund”

“the present whereabouts of certain of Burntisland’s historical artefacts engendered considerable discussion and unease”

(From Community Council Meeting Reports 2002)

The land and buildings which a burgh owned were made up of three main categories: those acquired under a statute (for example, land bought for council housing); land held on trust where a benefactor had provided for a specific trust to be administered by the fund; and Common Good property. What property now forms part of the Common Good Fund may sometimes need research, as it may not be obvious from the titles what property was acquired for.

(Link with useful map)

(From agenda for Kirkcaldy Area Committee 30 October, 2018)

New Faces in the Free Press

A month ago B.B reported that the Community Council had gained two teenage members.

The Fife Free Press has now interviewed them after the first meeting of the new Council. (complete article)

Brendan, a youth worker with Kirkcaldy YMCA, and Natalie, a travel and tourism student at Fife College, first became interested in local politics when they joined Burntisland Youth Action Group three years ago, helping to put forward the views of residents in the Castle area of the town, where they both live.

Through that they have helped improve lighting, parking and a playpark as well as organising events for young people, including a big music event held in the summer.

“We went along to a community barbecue organised by Fife Council’s community learning and development in September as part of the youth group and got speaking to some local councillors who told us about the community council and the elections,” explained Brendan.

“That was when we decided to put our names forward because we felt that we could be a good link between the young people and the town.”

Natalie added: “We thought it would be good to put our views across to come up with more ideas to help them to see what young people want.

“At the moment there seems to be a gap and older people see the town a lot differently to us.”

BYAG members also met another (future) Community Councillor, Yvonne Crombie (Toll Community Centre manager) at the Castle community event on the first of September.

Your Bonfire Needs YOU (or a Friend)

From front page of next Burgh Buzz

Just two weeks to go to the hottest night of the year (if you get too close).

Burntisland Events Group just needs a few more volunteer stewards to make sure the night runs smoothly for the thousands of spectators.

On the night stewards are needed between 6 and 8:30. There will be a 1/2 hour training session in advance.

Provisional dates –

Tuesday 30th October, 7.30pm

Thursday 1st November, 7.30pm

Saturday 3rd November, 10.30

If you can help (or want more information to make up your mind) please contact –

Ron Edwards

07740 999 514 or

Burntisland Primary School Has Been Awarded a sportscotland Gold School Sport Award for Another 3 Years

“The sportscotland School Sport Award is a lottery funded national initiative designed to encourage schools to continuously improve physical education and sport. The award also encourages sporting links between schools and the communities around them”