Burntisland: General Election – Could Greens Win As SNP Candidate Dropped?


Roy Mackie, posted on behalf of the campaign hub on Facebook: “When the story broke, we thought Neale had dropped out of the race altogether, leaving the Green Party’s Scott Rutherford, as the only pro independence candidate.

“That turned out not to be the case, and since it became clear that Neale was running as a pro independence, independent candidate, who still has a very strong support, we have come to the conclusion that he has the best chance of winning the seat, and keeping Lesley laird and Kathleen Leslie out.

“For these reasons we would encourage everybody to get behind him, help where possible, and come out and vote for him on the day.”



Burntisland’s next MP is unlikely to be Neale Hanvey even though his name will still be on the ballot paper.

After admitting to previous internet indiscretions he has been disowned by his party.

The Greens are hoping senior SNP politicians will back their candidate Scott Rutherford as the Party also favours Independence.

Today’s shock developments could help Lesley Laird retain the Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath seat. But no one will know until the count finishes on Friday the 13th.


Is Burntisland’s TSB due to shut?

Today the TSB announced that is planning to close 82 branches across the UK.

“TSB has more than 20 bank branches across Tayside and Fife.” (Courier story)

The actual branches to be shut are due to be announced on Thursday.

The Bank told Burgh.Buzz “The decision to close branches is an incredibly difficult one, but necessary for the long-term sustainability of TSB. We will not announce the locations until late this week, after we have consulted impacted Partners.”

The TSB is Burntisland’s only remain bank and is already only open on Tuesdays and Fridays.

(The RBS mobile bank visits for an hour each week on Mondays.)

Burntisland: Over £11,000 for Local Causes from Local People

The Latest “Big Co-op Payout” cheques have been handed out in Burntisland.

1% of the price of Coop items bought in the two stores is given to the three organisations chosen once a year by staff.

The 5p cost of the (compostable) plastic carrier bags is also added to the money available.

Burntisland Youth Theatre on Facebook

Current Coop good causes for Burntisland

Burntisland: New Cafe for the High Street

Shortly after Food For Thought’s lease ended, new tenants moved in to start creating a new business.

The work continues. Opening date to be announced.

From their Facebook page

“Chris lived in Burntisland until the age of 7, he’s been in the hospitality biz for over a decade and truly honed his love for cafe culture during our two years in New Zealand. We moved to Burntisland 2 years ago and have been waiting for the perfect opportunity to arise. Insert The Fix (previously Food For Thought) and he has the perfect opportunity to showcase his love for food and coffee. We can’t wait to share it with you.

“Donna also has over a decade in the hospitality business under her belt, from bars to cafes and restaurants. Her focus is front of house and she loves to ensure people are fed and happy. She even insisted that we cook the canapes for our own wedding. We can’t wait to open the doors to The Fix.”