Burntisland Fiver Fest Deadline (for Shops etc.) MIDNIGHT

Fiver Fest is part of the Totally Locally Fiver Fest which is “a big celebration of Britain’s fantastic small businesses and shops, many run by families or individuals, but ALL contributing massively to the economy of the UK and the wellbeing of our towns”.

It will run in Burntisland (and other places) 15-29 February.

If you know a local business that wants to be involved (and get extra custom!) email by Midnight (Wednesday).

“Businesses taking part put on special £5 offers over 2 weeks, to show the diversity and value of what they sell, and to say thank you to the communities that support them.”

Burntisland: Petition Started to Save The Beacon

Petition by Bridget Fraser of B.A.S.C.


700 signatures in the first three hours!

1600 in first 14 hours (including overnight)

More than 2,500 in first day

“In 2018 Fife Sports and Leisure Trust (FSLT) proposed a full closure of the Beacon to Fife Council. At that point reduced opening hours were negotiated as an alternative. This was supposed to be a 3 year arrangement, but not much more than a year later further cuts have been proposed. I believe that there is a real risk that further cuts would lead to the eventual closure of the Centre.

“There is no other similar facility within at least 12 miles. As well as being suitable for lane swimming the pool has recreational facilities such as flumes and a wave machine. The pool is accessible due to the large carpark, lift and sloping entry into the water. Most local people aged 25 and under learned to swim here, and there is still an ongoing massive demand for swimming lessons.

“As current Chairman of Burntisland Amateur Swimming Club and Humane Society, I am creating this petition so that people can tell FSLT and Fife Council how they feel about the Beacon Centre, their views on the potential further cuts, and put forward ideas/suggestions as to how to improve our Leisure Centre and sustain it in the long term.”

UPDATES (Thursday 23rd)



Burntisland: Toll Community Centre Appeals for Tools, Seeds and Bicycles

Post on Facebook

New for 2020 at the Toll is a planting project.

This will encourage people to take an interest in growing things. This could be garden flowers from seed or a tomato plant thriving in a sunny window, perhaps a bonsai tree.

A packet of seeds is very cheap – a pound or so for hundreds or even thousands. Many people have open packets that they will never use all of the contents.

Others have tools they no longer use. The Toll hopes to receive unwanted items (almost anything except lawnmowers) and make them available to others.

The Toll has begun planting around the Community Centre. The start of a beech hedge, crocuses that are beginning to poke through and a few young trees.

More to come.

The bikes are for the existing TCC bike project where volunteers make donated bikes ready for new owners.

Several people have come for bike for a child or grandchild, and left with one for themselves too!





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