Burntisland: Cot Burn Cleaner

Today a group of local people got their wellies wet and removed 20 bin bags of rubbish (including large amounts of crisp packets!) plus 3 car tyres, 2 small scooters and traffic cones.


The Cot Burn is often known as the Toll Burn as it passes the Toll Park and the Primary School.

Fife Council is planning to replace the chestnut paling fence with a bow top metal one.

It is also planning to manage the vegetation, though details are not yet known. It is hoped that the new work will incorporate the ‘dipping platform’ that was discussed between The Ecology Centre and the school before it moved to the new site.

Before today’s litter pick a thorough scan was undertaken for any nesting build activity. None was found.

No rats were disturbed, BUT a lone, healthy looking newt was seen.

The removal of plastic bags and drinks cans, will improve the environment for wildlife and make the area more attractive for human passers-by.

Most of the stretch behind the Toll Community Centre down to the footbridge has had the rubbish removed, more to be done.


Lots of flowers and shrubs getting ready for spring.

Food wrappers, including crisp and sweet packets, were the second biggest form of plastic pollution in rivers, followed by cigarette butts. All of these forms of litter can cause problems for wildlife and fish, and are hard to clean up once they have found their way into the water.

“Take part in the Burntisland Energy Challenge”


This has just been launched by Change Works.

Senior Project Officer Jo Hobbett said “The biggest risk to our climate is human activity and we can all do something to cut our energy use and demand on finite energy resources. Research indicates that householders save on average of 10% on the fuel bills by being more aware of their consumption and taking action to tackle wasted energy. These monitors are simple to fit give people the tools to monitor their own energy use”

Interested in taking part?

Visit: Change Works in Burntisland, 183 High Street, Burntisland Call: 01592 724424


PDF of Energy Challenge poster

Burntisland CDT AGM and Future Plans

Following the recent public meeting where enough new people joined the Trust, to give it a firm future, a smaller meeting was held to consider the possibilities raised.

These are the main areas so far agreed –

Community events and celebrations

Strengthening links between the residents and our fabulous businesses, artists, crafters and creatives

Working together to keep our beach and links areas in good condition

Finding ways to make the town even more inclusive for people of all ages and physical abilities

Burntisland Community Development Trust is holding its AGM on Thursday 4 April at The Sands Hotel (7:00).

People will be able to find out more about the Trust and the projects that are being developed. There is plenty of scope for people to get involved, without the need to become a director.



Monthly Beach Clean with Free Hot Chocolate! (31st March)


Humpback Whales Return to The Forth

Forth Marine Mammals on Facebook

It was beginning to look as though the whales weren’t coming back for the third year.

Two, believed to be mother and calf have been seen off Pettycur. On Thursday patient watchers on a cold and misty Lammerlaws were less lucky.