The Ecology Centre: Tool Library Launch Day (Sunday)

Join us for the launch of our new tool library on Sunday 24th June from 1pm – 3pm.

If you’re fed up buying tools that you only need to use once or twice, then our new Tool Shed offering will be right up your street! This new service will see tools that have been donated, saved from landfill and refurbished by our Tool Shed volunteers – available to be ‘borrowed’ just like you would do with a library book.

The range of tools include building and gardening tools, car maintenance tools, carpentry tools and ladders. Come along for a browse and sign up to this great new local service.  A full list of tools will be available shortly!

Burntisland Civic Week: Talk “The Evacuation of Dunkirk”

Poster in Co-op

“We are delighted to welcome back our old friend and great raconteur, military historian Roy Johnstone, this time describing how, from the end of May and the early days of June 1940, 338,226 British, French and Belgian soldiers were evacuated from the beaches at Dunkirk. Prime Minister Winston Churchill paid tribute to the deliverance of the evacuation. Britain was not finished and would fight on!

The evacuation gave rise to the concept of the ‘Dunkirk Spirit’ – a refusal to surrender or panic in times of great national peril. This was not a story just about Britain, but also about survival, freedom, and the prevention of a new dark age in Europe.”