Local Artist has “solo exhibition – in a lighthouse, on an island!“


“Room for Parking and Wildlife Area in Burntisland”

That’s the latest view in the row over the ‘wasteland’ in front of The Platform Studios.

Tanya Scoon in the Fife Free Press reports that “everyone with an interest in the plans should get together to discuss the possible solutions, rather than arguing on social media” is the view of “both Alex MacDonald, chairman of Burntisland and Community Council and by Christine May, chairman of Fife Historic Buildings Trust”

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Perhaps this search for a compromise will be part of the discussion next week (30th) when the three ward councillors meet Fife Council officials to discuss a report on parking at the station which has not yet been made public.

Councillor Calling for Views on Wildlife and Parking Gets Responses

Last week’s FFP had an article on Cllr. Kathleen Leslie “seeking the views of local residents on whether more parking should be created at Burntisland railway station.”


This week the FFP reports some views in response.


It’s unfortunate that parts of the debate are being polarised over some of the land that could become a car park. In addition there have been quite personal attacks on people (unnamed, but identifiable) on FaceBook.

There will always be people who think that unless land has buildings on it, (or perhaps a ‘proper’ park), it is “waste land”. But it’s not true that the “wildflower meadow” has no flowers. These photos were taken this year before the unusually dry summer.

A report has been prepared by Fife Council about the proposal for carparking but, so far, only sent to councillors.

It will be interesting to see whether it produces evidence for the need/benefit of 100 parking spaces or covers improving the area at the front of the station – particularly to make it possible for the B1 bus to get close.

Most of the area in front of the Platform Studios is in Burntisland’s Conservation Area. It’s also owned by Network Rail.

Fife’s Local Development Plan says of the area (and the long strip of land that stretches to Lammerlaws Road) –

“Green Network Priorities for this site are:

* Improve access and public realm as part of any development proposals in
the harbour area.

* Incorporate green infrastructure providing habitat, SUDS and contributing to the landscape setting, including in areas where public access is impracticable or inappropriate due to the nature of site use.


One of the arguments for the proposed parking is that it will be useful for visitors to the Links and the Beach, so presumably the report contains details of a new pedestrian route through the docks.

Also the need for step-free access to Platform 2 should be covered in detail.