Burntisland (and Fife) NO SCHOOL MEALS

This is yet another indication of how serious CV is. This decision will not have been easy to take.

Another change of direction/policy. The knock-on will be significant – especially for key workers who thought there was some childcare cover and parents/children expecting to be able to rely on a free meal at lunchtime.

Burntisland and Coronavirus MAJOR Update

“Cafes, pubs and restaurants must close from Friday night, except for take-away food, to tackle coronavirus, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said.

“All the UK’s nightclubs, theatres, cinemas, gyms and leisure centres have also been asked to close “as soon as they reasonably can”.

“Mr Johnson said the situation will be reviewed each month.

“The chancellor has said the government will pay 80% of wages for employees who are not working, up to £2,500 a month.”

BBC story

Burntisland High Street this morning. Expect to see bigger gaps in shop queues and probably limits to the number of people allowed into shops.

The Toll Community Centre, Burntisland Community Council and Burgh.Buzz are working together to consider the best ways of identifying people who will need help over the coming weeks and months and also coordinate people who are offering to help.

They are working with an eye on the Burntisland Community Emergency Plan. This was written with different types of emergencies in mind from the current pandemic. Five “Places of Safety” were identified – The Toll Centre and four Church Halls.

The Toll CC is remaining open, though most of the activities that normally take place will not (for the foreseeable future).

The school will be providing lunches for some pupils.

More details will appear here and on the Toll CC’s Facebook page over the weekend.

Already Alex MacDonald Chairman of Burntisland First Aid Services Trust has offered his organisation’s resources (including the ambulance and volunteers)

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon made a statement (Friday evening) including – “Don’t forget to have fun and wash your hands” and “Please do not panic buy”.

This Is Burntisland.

ScotRail – Fewer Trains From Monday

One day there will be an alternative to these steps at Burntisland Station


Trains will run on an hourly service.

The first trains are:
0636 Edinburgh to Glenrothes via Kirkcaldy
0719 Glenrothes to Edinburgh via Kirkcaldy
0618 Edinburgh to Glenrothes via Dunfermline
0748 Glenrothes to Edinburgh via Dunfermline

The last trains are:
1902 Edinburgh to Dundee via Kirkcaldy
1929 Glenrothes to Edinburgh via Kirkcaldy
1920 Edinburgh to Glenrothes via Dunfermline
1918 Glenrothes to Edinburgh via Dunfermline


Burntisland: The Boat is Back

Every few weeks a boat arrives in the harbour (different boats are used) from Riga with timber to be converted into pallets.

For nearly two years no pedestrians, dog walkers or bicycle users have been allowed to travel between the station area and Lammerlaws Road.

This is only for a few days (the boat is due to depart on Saturday), but Forth Ports has a plan to restrict access further.

Burntisland and Coronavirus


Coronavirus consequences – Food Bank users waiting in the street, in the cold, yesterday.

As overheard in the Coop last week “the Beast from the East brought Burntisland together”.

That neighbourly helpfulness will be beneficial in the coming weeks, but there are two main differences –

The snow was always going to go away in a week or so. It was reasonable obvious if people were housebound and needing some help.

This time, the end will be weeks or months away. It won’t be as clear if people need any extra help.

Schools all shut on Friday and may not go back for the summer term.

Fife Council has run lunch clubs in recent holidays, but fear of gatherings and passing on infections now means nothing is certain or easy.

Basic advice remains wash your hands if you’ve touched things that could be infected. Stay in if you have symptoms – generally (but not always) fever and coughing (new and persistent) – if so “self isolate” (stay at home) for 7 days. And now, a new phrase – social distancing.

People working from home should take regular screen breaks – get up, walk about etc.

Some shops are thinking about delivery services for people who can’t get out. (Details likely next week.)

The Community Council’s Emergency Plan subgroup meets tomorrow to discuss some of the many issues facing the town and how to best organise ways of dealing with expected problems.

It’s not clear if the CC will hold public meetings in the next few months.

The Sailing Club’s crane-in has been delayed provisionally until 25th April.


Poster in Coop


Courier: Coronavirus: Fife libraries, museums and theatres close


Library shut (no note to explain)

Burntisland Docks Access – Unanswered Questions

Supplied by Forth Ports Larger image
The yellow lines are the proposed new fences. The green line is a very welcome commitment for space for a new path.

Forth Ports’ plans to fence in a significant section of the docks area were discussed at Friday’s, monthly, Community Council meeting (open to the public).

Representatives of the Community Council met Forth Ports in mid February and discussed the plans. At that time Forth Ports were expecting fencing work to start in ‘about 4-6 weeks’.

So far there is no information about a firm start date or the style and height of the fencing. Additionally there is no detailed information about access for Sailing Club members or people exercising ancient Royal Charter rights to keep a boat at Shanks Pier.

Forth Ports has discussed its intentions with various local organisations but not, it appears, Fife Council – relevant senior officials contacted by Cllr Backhouse on Thursday were unaware of the plans.

As Forth Ports is a statutory undertaker it doesn’t require planning permission for work directly related to “the purposes of shipping”.

However as the work is a consequence of an HSE investigation into the death of a local fisherman, nearly 18 months ago, it’s not clear that the latest developments are directly related to the main activities of a port.

There are real concerns about criminal damage, vandalism and anti-social behaviour (particularly empty cans and discarded fishing tackle along the long breakwater from the Lammerlaws – marked as “foreshore” on the image above).

A simple solution might seem to be ‘fence it off’, but access to the dock area is seen as a ‘right’ by many people which some have been exercising for longer than the current owners have had the responsibility for the harbour area.

Several people at the Community Council meeting reminisced about their younger days, including walking over shut lock gates.

Times change – in many ways. Now there is much more concern about safety and security. But there are also expectations about openness and scrutiny.

A planning application for work connected with the ending of access to the long breakwater (and the parallel path behind Scott Pallets) and also for improving the area where Burntislanders claim the right to mend boats would be a good move.

It would also be an opportunity to investigate whether the road to the Sailing Club needs to be gated.

Another issue that needs resolving is the removing of the turning place for the B1 Town Bus (subsidised by Fife Council). This enters the docks more than 20 times a day.

The Council is currently progressing a £170k Cross Forth Travel project which is a “transport appraisal to assess transport needs and opportunities in the Fife and wider travel area“ (and includes Burntisland Station).

Forth Ports has indicated that it is willing to come to a future Community Council meeting, but has said that no one will be available for the April meeting which is at the start of the Easter holidays.

Meanwhile it’s hoped local councillors will meet with Fife Council and Forth Ports officials to establish the best way of dealing with all these issues and allow the smooth operation of this historic port and also consider the rights and responsibilities of residents of, and visitors to, Burntisland.

Article in Saturday’s Courier (14.3.2020.) Larger