Burntisland Shows: Big Wheel Here for Two Weeks (or Maybe Three)

John Thomson of Thomson’s Event Group said “the wheel is scheduled to be in Burntisland for two weeks potentially three depending on how popular it is.”

Should be busy on Games Day – “The 367th Burntisland Highland Games will take place on Monday 15th July 2019 at 11:00”.

The price of the ride is £3.50 per person, £12 for a family of 4 (two adults and two children).

As seen from the Lammerlaws (last night).

Burntisland Residents Begin to Improve Play Parks

After realising that more than half of the town’s existing play parks are under threat, local groups have formed to help plan for a better future for them.

Fife Council has produced a Draft Play Park Strategy 2019 – 2029 . The purpose is to develop “a new approach to play park provision” and details a “Play Park Hierarchy”.

In general the idea is to concentrate (and maintain) equipment in fewer places. “Neighbourhood” play parks are likely lose basic equipment such as swings and become “greenspaces for play”.

Improving areas for play, is clearly a good idea. Removing ‘traditional’ equipment might be less wise.

Today residents from the Duncanson Drive area painted the surviving play equipment with paint supplied by the Community Council. Fife Council erected temporary fencing to protect the drying paint.

They are also planning to add more equipment plus places to sit and suitable shrubs and trees.