Burntisland: FABulous Open Gardens Afternoon

Today was the first ever FAB Open Garden Afternoon.

This year only three private gardens plus those at the sheltered housing complex Allan Court and the Broomhill Community Garden Kids Club took part. There should be a few more next year. (Another two garden owners have already said they want to be open next year.)

You don’t need to have the most ‘beautiful’ gardens, just one that shows the care and flair of your gardening activities. Or perhaps careful neglect and the wildlife this might attract!

The rain (mostly) kept off and all the gardens had a steady stream of enchanted visitors – many visited all five.

In one garden there was the unexpected, skilful, (and slow), removal of ticks from a hedgehog.

It’s hoped that this won’t be an ‘attraction’ next year.

Blue Skies for Burntisland’s “Live ON The Links”


Even last night the forecast for rain meant organisers were expecting today’s event to be held in the Port.

Now there might be the odd shower, but it’s expected to be mostly dry until this evening.

New for this year is a power supply to the bandstand (paid for out of the Common Good Fund – but that’s another story…), so as organiser Charlie Kilgour says, no noisy and smelly generators or running around topping them up.

Less welcome this year, the area for the audience is hemmed in behind barriers – apparently at the request of the Police.

Charlie has a long history of organising music events in the town and is behind Burntisland The Music Town “to promote music in the town, to be a gig guide, and confirm Burntisland as a go to place for musical…”

Come early, stay late, bring sun screen.

Beer tent too!

Burntisland: Broomhill Community Garden Kids Club Looking for Art Materials

“Hi everyone! We desperately need some new art supplies, so we’re wondering if anyone has anything knocking about that they no longer need and would like to donate to us? If you can help us, we’d be ever so grateful if you could get in touch.”